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The Power of Close Up Magic

Magic and close up magic in particular is one of the most versatile forms of entertainment you will find. From audiences of a couple of people to groups of twenty or more, close up magic works well. It is this versatility which makes it so popular amongst guests and organisers.

Tj has performed at thousands of events in many environments and can adapt his performance to meet the needs of your guests. Good close up magic is both entertaining and baffling and will leave you laughing and scratching your head at the same time.

Table Magic

Performing at tables during a meal is very popular. To some organisers this sounds counter intuitive, “people are eating”, they cry, "we can't have a close up magician!" However, over half of the meal guests are waiting. The food needs to be rolled out and there are inevitable delays.

Having a close up magician working the crowd can be a real asset. Typically a good magician can visit anything up to fifteen tables during the average meal, leaving them hungry for more.

Working a Crowd

If you have an informal event where guests where there is no seating plan and guest move around meeting others and making friends, your magician can mingle with your friends and family entertaining as they go.

tj shoesmith close up magician performs money trick
Close Up Magic at a Table

Why Book A Magician

I think in the past year or so we have all realised how important friendship and family is.
Joni Mitchell so elegantly put it in what must be the most surreal song title ever, “Big Yellow Taxi”, you “don’t know what you’ve got till its gone”
As we start to come together, entertainment, fun and laughter become so important and magic can bring your family and guests that wonder and surprise that has been missing for so long.Tj

A little history

"I had a sporadic interest in magic as a child. I think what appealed to me was the glamour of the stage, big illusions and dancing assistants. It was only when I returned to magic in my mid thirties that I realised the power of close up magic. The standard had improved dramatically since my childhood. As video, and later the internet, became common place magicians were able to communicate with each others all around the globe. As magicians moved from books to video to get there instruction the standard continued to rise.
As I started to look for work, David Blaine was already a house hold name. One of the early close up magicians to find fame and fortune. Although he created a number of large scale Houdini like publicity stunts his success was as much due to intimate close up magic he performed while walking the streets of America.
It was from these early TV specials that close up magic became so widely popular. Giving a new generation of magicians the opportunity to work and make a living from their passion.
In 2003 I came second in The Magic Circle Close Up Competition, with an act that I had been performing at private parties and corporate events for a number of years. Classic tricks with my own twist on them, finishing with the stealing of my helpers watch. I was averaging about two jobs a week at the time and had performed these tricks literally thousands of times. I believed I was ready and beat a number of high profile competitors that I very much admired."Tj

Close Up Magician For Hire

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