Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any hidden fees?

No! The fee you are quoted is inclusive of travel and accommodation unless discussed with you at the time of booking.

Can we watch you live?

Yes I do a number of public performances a year, ranging from comedy clubs to theatre shows.

When should my magician perform?

This obviously depends on your event and it is best to speak to your performer and get their advice. Magic and food don’t mix! This doesn’t mean that your magician can’t work through a meal, they will just choose the right moment to approach a table. In fact table magic is probably the most popular form of magical entertainment. Plan your speeches and any other events around your magician so they can work freely.

How many people can a magician cover?

Roughly one a minute! Obviously they won’t perform for individuals but it gives you a rough idea of how long it takes. For one hundred people we advise two hours, fifty maybe an hour. If your numbers are very small we would suggest a half hour parlour show for all your guests at the same time.

It is best to talk to your entertainer and get their advice, if the two of you can’t agree then move on to another. Just be careful, if a magician tells you they are happy to spend two hours with ten people they are probably desperate for work.

How do I know if a magician is professional?

Well you don’t! They are not likely to tell you if they have a second job and anyway it’s not really relevant. We know many very good part time magicians and some poor professionals. It is much more important you are comfortable with the performer and the price than their status.

Are there any hidden fees?

No! The fee you are quoted is inclusive of travel and accommodation unless discussed with you at the time of booking.


Most importantly pick up the phone and talk to the magician in person. Do you like them? Do you trust them? Booking over the internet is fine but we advise you to speak to your entertainer before deciding, to make sure you feel comfortable and happy.

What does award winning mean?

It really does depend on the award, some are more prestigious than others and some magicians will make a lot out of a local club award. Tim has won at national level, however there are international awards as well. It is a question worth asking if you speak to a performer.

How much does a magician cost?

Good question! It depends, prices vary depending on what you need where you are and the time of year. You are unlikely to get a professional magician for less than £350, some are considerable more. Given the price of a corporate event or wedding our advice is go with the magician that you are happy with and pay a little extra if necessary.

In the main you do get what you are paid for.

Should we consider a magician for a wedding?

Our advice is yes! A magician for a wedding is a good idea and we go into some detail on the website. Weddings are typically family occasions and magic is popular with young and old.

How do I find the right Magician for me?

Deciding on the right performer is a very personal decision and only you will know who is going to suit your event best. However there are a number of ways in which you can help make your decision easier.


Any good magician will be able to provide a set of references from past events which will support their claim to be a good entertainer. Check that the companies are reputable and the comments are not unnecessarily cut or altered.


Have a look at the magicians show reel, it should be on their website. If they don’t have one, then move on, the only way to get a feel for their style and ability is by seeing them work. Due to the nature of most professional magicians engagements it is the only way to view them at work. Watch the way they interact with people can you imagine your guests enjoying such a performance?


A good CV does not necessarily equate to a good magician! However, it is true that it is an indication of a level of experience and standing within the profession and is worth looking for. Have they won any awards and if so what? Are they a member of any professional body, for example The Magic Circle? Where have they worked and who have they worked for?


Look at the photographs on the website. Do the guests look happy? This is very important, magic on it’s own can be slow and frustrating. A good magician will interact with humour creating a performance that your guests will remember with affection. If a website doesn’t show guests who are enjoying themselves then the magician probably doesn’t possess them and you should ask yourself why?

Referral Work

How much of a magicians work is repeat bookings or recommendations from past customers. This is an indication of how popular they are. Entertainers will tell you, getting the first booking is not that hard, it’s getting the repeat booking that counts. Half of Tim’s work is repeat bookings or recommended by those he has worked for in the past.

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