Maidenhead Magician, Tj Shoesmith performs comedy magic at the Temple Golf Club in Hurley

Working as a Maidenhead Magician was great fun this year. This was my first visit to Temple Golf Club to entertain at their annual event. This club was established in 1909 by local officers and gentry most notably Captain G MacDonald a member of the Guards Club in Maidenhead. The course was designed by Willie Park Junior, and the ground on which the course is set was leased from Bisham Abbey as well as Temple Park.

table decorations at temple golf club
Table Magic at Temple Golf Club

The club website states that the club was opened on the 3rd of May 1910, “quietly”.

I was performing in the clubhouse which was constructed in 1909 and still boasts many original features. It has a large bar area and then several adjoining rooms for dining. With ten tables or so to perform at during the meal, I was able to show close up magic to all the guests.

At the end of the event, I was asked to perform a short cabaret. This went particularly well. For some years I have been trying to perfect the tie steal. This is an extremely difficult slight to accomplish when working to a small audience in what we call parlour magic. In this instance, the audience is very close, and it makes it difficult to execute the misdirection necessary to achieve it.

On this occasion, I had a wonderful helper who really joined in the fun and was completely unaware that his tie had gone. Of all the things I do, performing comedy magic to a small audience at a corporate function of this kind is possibly my favourite.

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