Christmas Close Up Magic – Salt Marsh Rooms Cambridge

the salt marsh rooms cambridge

As the festive period approaches, people start looking for Christmas Party ideas. Have you considered a Magician for your event?

Certain days of the year are very popular, particularly the Friday and Saturday nights. The days get booked up quickly so if you are looking for a magician it is a good idea to book soon.

I am back at Ragdale Hall on Christmas Eve for the second time. The 12th of December could have been booked four times over it is such a popular day. Close Up Magic is the most popular around this time of year. Christmas parties are typically banquet style affairs with round tables filled with ten people at a time or house parties.

The work can be demanding, people are in high spirits and it is a time when alcohol is consumed in large quantities. My worst job happened a few Christmases ago but it had little to do with the time of year.

Most years I visit Cambridge a number of times. I have performed at the Saltmarsh Rooms in Kings College four or five times and always in the festive season.

I like the time of year. I like the work and I have small children who still appreciate the magic of Christmas. Although I can be away for a few days at a time, family life still goes on and I have enough spare time to see the little ones.

I don’t tend to do the miles I used to in the lead up to Christmas. I usually stick to one job a day. So the month can be relaxing if you don’t mind coffee shops in strange towns.

So book your Christmas Magician now and enjoy the holidays!

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