Longstanton Comedy Magic Night With Cambridge Magician Tj Shoesmith

the pavillion longstanton

Last night I was working as a Cambridge Magician at the Pavillion in Longstanton Cambridgeshire. This establishment used to be the sports club and overlooks the football pitches.

It is now a pub but works very well for this sort of comedy magic night. The staff were hospitable and the customers friendly. This was a gig organised by Oi Oi Comedy, who I work for from time to time.

Brian Damage and Crystal were closing. They are a wonderful double act who run the Pear Shaped in London. When I first started performing comedy magic on the circuit in 2005 I used to pop into the club regularly and Brian would always give me a spot.

It was a tiny club but he managed to get a great atmosphere going with his songs and banter. I found it difficult during my early spots, particularly as I was mixing comedy with magic which is very hard to do well. Brian was always suportive and I never left feeling humiliated or put down.

The Pavillion turned out well, I felt a good conection with the audience and magic goes down particularly well if you are doing a middle.

I am playing in five comedy clubs this week before the Christmas Corporate Magic starts at the beginning of December. I love working as a magician in Cambridge and the surrounding area as the drive is quite short. Next month there will be a lot more miles.

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