Accident While Touring the Comedy Magic and Mentalist Show

The Devious Mind Show

This was taken from my Blog when we were touring the Cabaret Magic Show Devious Minds in October 2011.

It is a few weeks since we returned from a short tour of Cornwall with our magic show Devious Minds.

Due to the birth of my twins I forgot to write it up in the blog. A very different experience from Edinburgh where the pressure of selling tickets and participating in the publicity shows really takes its toll. The tour of Cornwall was much more relaxed as publicity and ticket sales were taken care of by the village promoters and everyone seemed to be magic fans.

I always enjoyed small scale touring as a young adult. Moving from place to place on a daily basis was fun and exciting. This tour was no different, Dean was on good form and the shows were going well, everyone was happy, until Dean fell off a chair! This resulted in a fracture to his right ankle and an operation the following morning.

All was not lost while Dean put his foot up a very talented magician, Rob James, took over for the last two shows and the final one was rescheduled for the new year. We have also managed to re-book the two shows Dean missed so everyone will see his half of the magic show.

We are touring the cabaret magic show throughout the year all dates are on the website.

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