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Tj Shoesmith is an Award Winning Professional Dorset Magician for Hire in the South West. He is based in St Albans but travels the whole of the UK. He is widely recognised as one of the most popular Magicians in the UK, and is a Member of the Inner Magic Circle, reserved for only the best magicians.

One of Tim’s favourite jobs was performing as a wedding magician at a ceremony which overlooked Corfe Castle. He still has very fond memories of the people he met and performed for.


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Corfe Castle Dorset

dorset wedding magician at corfe castle
Dorset Magician Tj Shoesmith at Corfe Castle Wedding

A few weeks ago I drove down to Dorset to perform magic at a wedding a stones throw from Corfe Castle. I liked it so much we spent a couple of days there last week, walking the beaches near Bournemouth. The views are quite spectacular. I was employed to do close up magic around the [...]

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