Hertfordshire Cabaret Magic at the Remix Hitchin – Tj Shoesmith Magic Circle

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The Remix

Sadly, the Remix and the Comedy Magic Night it used to run have now closed. It’s a real shame I cut my teeth in Hitchin working as a Hertfordshire cabaret magician.


The Remix in Hitchin is a night club which holds a cabaret event that would best be described as Burlesque. They book a couple of comedians and add a magician to the mix.

I always worry a little when I am booked for such occasions. Magic in a Stand Up comedy venue is notoriously difficult to get right. If you miscalculate the balance between comedy and magic things can back fire pretty quickly.

On this occasion everything went very smoothly, with a couple of comedians, a house band and dancing girls there was enough variety to keep everyone happy. It is well worth supporting, particularly if you live in Hertfordshire. It takes place on the last Sunday of the month.

I was certainly out of my comfort zone! I am normally booked as a corporate magician, performing to people in black tie. On this occasion I was sandwiched between a stripper and country band. During my comedy cabaret magic performance I was helped by a delightful Transvestite!

Given the number of appearances we make a year it is not surprising that gig’s mould and fuse in ones memory but this is not one I will easily forget.

I regularly work as a Hertfordshire magician more details can be found by clicking on the link.

The event was videotaped so I should have a clip on YouTube soon.

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