Wedding Magician performs at Mayflower Place

tj shoesmith performing at the grove
The Grove Herts

This Christmas I worked as a wedding magician at Mayflower Place in Hertfordshire. This was for a client I had worked for before and it was great to meet old friends.

The May Flower Place is located from the A414 between Hertford and Hatfield (signposted ‘Hertingfordbury’). It was built in 1910 by Countess Cowper. It was to be a fitting tribute to her late husband Earl Francis Thomas de Grey. However whilst the countess was on holiday in France she died. This was in 1913 when the building was yet to be completed, so she never saw it in all its glory.

It was bought in 1954 by East Hertfordshire Lodge and the name was also changed to Mayflower Place. The building is now used for many different activities including Woman’s Institute, Rotary Clubs and Weddings.

Living in St Albans, I consider myself a Hertfordshire Magician and it is always nice to work locally. Sarah Webb was the Wedding Planner Timeless Inspirations. She had created a wonderful ambiance perfect for close up magic.

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