The Children’s Entertainer International Championships Blackpool 2010

blackpool winter gardens magic competition
Winter Gardens Blackpool

I really enjoy this competition. It has a slightly artificial set up with a few rows of children at the front and magicians sitting behind but it works pretty well and you certainly get a gauge for who is connecting with the kids and who is not.

Magic competitions are a staple diet of most professionals and amateur alike. I have written on their importance in an article magic competitions. Although many Lancashire magicians take part, performers come from all over the country.

David Tompkins was first on, a slick ventriloquist and magician, with years of experience. He was fun for both adults and children and gained a worthy second place. Jimbo (Jimmy Carlo) was placed third, engaging, low key personality. Very easy and personable with the kids. Magic Carl was defiantly popular with the kids I talked to and got a great deal out of the mutilated parasol.

However the only way to win this competition is to play to both adults and children. The laughter of children alone will always sound thin in Europe’s biggest theatre (3,500 seats). Oscar Munoz did just this, delighting young and old. With complete authority this charismatic American worked the large auditorium perfectly, with strong magic. Funny throughout, with jokes for all ages, he handled his helpers in a confident relaxed manor. His linking ring routine, which began with serious overtones, moved delightfully into farce and was a fitting climax to this winning act.

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