Blackpool Magicians Convention Stage Show 2010

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Blackpool Magic Convention

The Blackpool Convention is a highlight of the year not only for Blackpool Magicians but also for magicians worldwide.

I have written articles on magic competitions so I won’t discuss the mechanics here now but Blackpool Magicians hold competitions at the Convention and the stage competition was a great success.

Open to Magicians from all over the world, this was a fun competition, kept short by the number of entrance and followed by a show full of established professionals.

Dave Allen and Carl Charlesworth had the daunting task of getting things going. I really like this sort of act, Dave Allen playing a magic detective solving a crime and Carl Charlesworth playing the female jewel thief. It had a beginning middle and end and some strong laughs along the way. It probably split the room but it was slick and professional and made a change from the manipulation and illusion acts that followed.

Jung Min Lee from Korea substituted drumsticks for candles to create a dynamic act, which played well in the large auditorium. Some old moves looked refreshed in the contemporary setting. He gained a worthy second place.

Hyung Joom Kim also from Korea took first place with faultless handling and appropriate music, if you like card manipulation then this is for you. Third place went to Sandro Rivoli; with yet more card productions and a standard cut and restored rope routine.

The show that followed which had been put together by the Blackpool Magicians had some truly remarkable moments. Starting off with Kaplan performing act as know, it really doesn’t matter how many times you see it, it is still funny and there is one surprise which once seen will never be forgotten.

The other highlight for me was David Williamson. He is truly world class, with the presence of a great actor and a command of comedy rarely seen in magic. It is impossible to describe the act and do it justice, so I won’t make an attempt. However his handling of ten or more children on stage was a calculated risk that paid off a hundred times over and it was great to see Rocky again.

The show finished with David and Dania, a stunning quick-change act.

A great show which the Blackpool Magicians can be proud of, let us hope next years is as good.

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