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stand up comedy magic at lincoln university
Lincoln University

I was back at the university last night, performing at the Lincolnshire weekly comedy night. It takes place in the bar of the arts centre and although not a perfect venue it is a very enjoyable gig.

Last night I closed for the first time and was supported by a number of up and coming comics. Paul Mutageija was our very able MC.

grren room at the university
Comedy Magic Night at Lincoln Uni

Looking at the front row I saw a few familiar faces, who were there during my last visit in November. Magic is slightly different from comedy. People do remember tricks more easily than jokes. I guess it is because of the visual image that is left in the mind after the trick is finished.

I try to do visual magic and as we all know images are easier to remember than words. It is true to say that good comedy creates images in the mind but still I think a trick is easier to recall than a joke.

Anyway, I tried to vary the magic for the local crowd. It went surprisingly well. I have taken about two months off from the comedy clubs to perform corporate magic over Christmas and the New Year.

One could say that I’m not gig fit. However, the reception I got at the end of the performance from the students at Lincolnshire University suggests they enjoyed the magic and comedy.

This is beginning to become a regular gig for me through Oi Oi Comedy. It is about two hours from home but worth the drive.

I have worked in Lincolnshire on many occasions at weddings and banquets but it is always nice to work in a comedy club. In some ways, it is more relaxed.

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