Tj performs in the Athenaeum Pall Mall

close up magica at Athenaeum Pall Mall
Athenaeum London

Last night I worked for my longest standing clients at the Athenaeum, Pall Mall. We have known each other for many years and he has employed me for private and corporate events which he has organised.

This time the venue was the Athenaeum, Pall Mall, London. This members club was designed by an architect who was only twenty four when he was given the job and is a magnificent building in the heart of London.

I was asked to do both close up magic and a cabaret performance for a small gathering. I did table magic for five groups before finishing the evening with a trick requested by the host.

It was a lovely evening. I was given food after I finished which was excellent. What I particularly liked were the waiting staff. They were so very amenable, keeping out of my way when ever possible.

The trick which the booker wanted to see was one in which a bank note ends up inside a kiwi. I told him that unfortunately I didn’t have one with me. I mentioned this to the head waitress and within minutes she had found one for me.

I took this picture in the front hall, looking up the amazing staircase. The Garden Room in which I performed is in the basement to the left.

Athenaeum Staircase

It is a lovely venue with great staff.


The following day I received flowers and chocolates from the client with a card saying,

“You gave a superb performance last night, thank you”Roger

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