City of London Magician – Tj Shoesmith at Merchant Taylors’ Hall

magic at merchant taylor
Merchant Taylor Hall

I’m back working as a city of London magician.

Since the late summer, I have been what is known as out of town! Now here I was walking the streets of London once again to work on a marvellous job at the Merchant Taylors’ Hall in the centre of the capital.

My father went to Merchant Taylors School many years ago so when the enquiry first came in; I was expecting to be going out to Northwood near Harrow. This was not the case, and it soon became clear that the client wished me to go right into the heart of London.

However, the Livery Company has resided in Threadneedle Street since 1347, probably giving the street its name.
The establishment has been active for over 500 years and although the buildings were gutted during the great fire of London the original 14th-century floor can still be seen today.

This was my favourite sort of job. Close up magic during dinner with a short cabaret to finish. With six tables there was plenty of time to get around and see everyone during the meal and the parlour show was very lively.

The parlour show as we like to call it has been designed to work in just about any environment, even surrounded which is the proverbial nightmare for any cabaret magician.
The room in which they guests dined was really quite spectacular and there was also great live music during the meal.

As Christmas approaches, I spend more and more time working as a London magician, which is excellent as the commute is relatively quick and easy.

If you are considering entertainment for your festive occasion and are looking for a city of London magician whether it is a company or private, please do consider giving me a call or emailing from the contact page.

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