Tj hired for Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Restaurant

news years eve close up magic at fifteen
Fifteen London

On new years eve, I was employed as a Magician to work at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant in London, called Fifteen. Inspired by his reality TV programme some six or seven years ago. Young Chef’s work a year’s apprenticeship in this modern establishment, with the hope of progressing in this competitive industry.

This is a very popular restaurant spread over two floors. With over one hundred and fifty covers it was quite a night. The guests were very mixed ranging from couples to quite large families.

The basement is quieter and darker, which created a very different atmosphere from the space at street level. In the intimate basement, it was possible to perform quite sophisticated close-up magic. In the hustle and bustle of the ground floor, it was necessary to work bigger magic more suitable for a stage.

Hiring a magician on this party day makes sense as customers are very enthusiastic and it can make a big difference to the atmosphere particularly early on in the evening.

I met many nice people my favourite being a small child called Charlie who was able to make things appear as long as you closed your eyes for a short while.

Although I was riding the underground at midnight I took home many good memories of the evening.

I perform regularly in London as a magician as well as performing throughout the country (and abroad). If you would like to hire me for your Private or Corporate event, get in touch here.

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