Tj performs at the Grange City Hotel

grange city hotel magic
Grange Hotel

This week I performed for the first time at The Grange City Hotel in central London. This is a very plush establishment and ideal for close-up magic. The event was held outside which is a bit of a risk, however, the weather was perfect and the guests were great fun. Working in London as a Magician has its advantages as it is reasonably close to home and many thousands of corporate events are held there each year.

I was working for a company called Faraday, who I learned were financial underwriters. This means very little to me but I found out there was an aviation section who were able to tell me the riskiest times to fly and also the most dangerous places to land.

They were by nature very analytical and consequently were inquisitive about the magic. This does not create as many problems as one would expect as sometimes looking too closely makes you miss the most important things.

Also, entertaining was an excellent football juggler who managed to get a member of staff to split his trousers whilst participating in a stunt. It did not appear to create any hostility and the moment was hard to beat.

We performed a quick cabaret trick together towards the end of his act which went down very well, involving a signed card in a Pringles Tube.

I had to drive to Manchester that evening for a job at Salford University so eventually, I had to leave. This is a wonderful venue with very helpful staff, as usually, I can’t speak for the food as I don’t eat while working but it all looked splendid.

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