Harrow Magician Tj Shoesmith performs at a wedding at Headstone Manor

wedding magic at headstone manor
Headstone Manor

I performed as a Harrow Magician for a wedding at the Great Barn at Headstone Manor this week.

I was asked to appear at as a wedding magician for a couple who were celebrating the recent ceremony.

Recently I visited the Manor with my children, as a friend of ours was entertaining at an open day. I hadn’t made the connection but as I arrived at the gates for the second time it clicked, and I realised I had been there before.

The museum offers great insight and information about the History of Harrow and the farming community. It is contained within the small barn and is open to the public.

The manor was built in 1310. The main building is the grade one listed, Manor House, and as you travel through it, you are gradually taken back in time, eventually finishing in the medieval house, which still stands today.

The whole estate has been lovingly restored, and it is The Great Barn which is now used for functions, including weddings, which is why I was invited this day.

When I arrived, I met up with John Watson, a talented piano player. We talked for a few minutes and realised that we had met many years before. We met twice in the same day. The first time was at his son’s fifth birthday party and the second time was at a corporate function that same evening, when I was working as a close up magician.

John Watson Musician
John is the resident piano player at Langham in London. He also performs privately as he was doing today.

As I performed as a table magician between courses and speeches, I listened to John sing, which created a great atmosphere.

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