Tj performs at Questors Theatre in London – Close Up Magician

stage magic at questors theatre
Questors Ealing

Questors Theatre London – Lots of Magic

On the 7th of January, I was involved in the launch of Lots of Magic. A new business venture put together by a couple of my friends, a sort of eBay for magicians.

Magicians are notorious for buying effects and utility devices they never use. In fact, I would hazard a guess that nearly every close-up magician has packets in their draws which they haven’t even opened.

So it seems a very good idea to create a forum in which magicians can sell, swap and action items they no longer want or need. This is where lots of magic comes in.

The launch took place at Questors, a community theatre in Ealing. It was a strong line-up of London Magicians which was very much enjoyed by the audience of more than one hundred and fifty. The evening included six or seven cabaret magic acts preceded by a presentation explaining how the website worked.

My contribution was a theatrical piece which uses the well-known confabulation plot. Experimental certainly but interesting to a magic audience I hope.

This was not my first appearance at Questors Theatre. Over fifteen years ago, I was lucky enough to act on its stage while touring a production of Macbeth. It is a lovely theatre, with a perfect view from every seat and great facilities.

I keep promising myself that I will attempt to do more acting in the future and then things crop up and the diary fills and it is hard to fit it in. The competition for parts in Theatre is as strong as ever and although being a little older probably helps it is a harsh industry and when I was auditioning regularly I remember periods of depression went with the rejection.

Good luck to the boys I hope their venture is a success.

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