London Magician at the Raddison Heathrow with friends

magic at the raddison hotel london
Raddison London

The highlight of the week was working with a few London Magicians at the Radisson Hotel at Heathrow. It is the second year in a row we have been invited to perform at the DAF annual dinner.

With nearly one hundred tables it takes a number of close up magicians to make an impact. Working as a team we moved from table to table during the meal. It is always important to work as a team in these situations and luckily everyone was very professional.

The photograph is not good but it does show what a spectacular night it was. There was great entertainment throughout the evening.

The Rat pack performed a number of sets and there was also a great Elvis impersonator. On this occasions there was no cabaret magic, (incredible I know) but the table magic was well received.

It is easy to get drowned out on these occasions as the room is very noisy and there is a lot going on. So you really do have to work hard and make sure the magic is very visual and not too dependent on patter.

It’s always nice to perform magic in London especially with friends. What a great night.

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