Entertaining the Armed Forces at The Magic Circle London

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Tickets for the Troops

This week I performed at the Magic Circle for the Tickets for Troops Charity. Tickets for Troops was set up so companies and events could offer free tickets to those serving in the Armed Forces. There patron Joanna Lumley describes the charity arrangement as a, “Win Win Situation”.

Seven hundred personnel applied for tickets but only one hundred and twenty were available so a draw was held. It was a great night and fascinating to meet those that attended.

We provided close up magic as well as a full stage show. Food was available during the interval and it gave us a chance to meet some of those who attended. It gave members of the armed forces a chance to see the headquarters along with its history as well as seeing magic right in the heart of London.

It is interesting how we view other people’s jobs. I had never thought of the job of a performer or magician to be particularly frightening.

One soldier said to me, “I couldn’t get up in front of all those people, I would be far too scared!”

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