International Brotherhood of Magicians – Yarmouth

britania theatre great yarmouth
Britania Theatre

In September 2012 I attended the International Brotherhood of Magicians Convention which was held in Great Yarmouth. I was booked to host the opening evening show, described as Cabaret Night. It was to take place in the Britannia Theatre which is situated on the far end of the Pier.

Magician audiences are notoriously difficult to please and given that it was so early in the convention I expected it to be a tough gig. Although I have got better reactions from the public it turned out to great fun and I was glad of the congratulations I was offered when it was all over.

I have performed at the International Brotherhood of Magicians several times and taken part in their competitions both close up and stage. I won the International Brotherhood of Magicians Championship back in 2005 and performed as a stage magician in their fringe productions.

“I really enjoyed your performance!” Brian Miller, President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

I also won the conventions prize for originality in 2010, with a trick set to a Shakespeare soliloquy. For a list of the awards I have won you can see them on my awards page.

I have performed many times in the area both as a close up and cabaret magician, particularly Ipswich and Norwich and enjoy my time in Norfolk.

The international Brotherhood of Magicians is a worldwide organisation. The British ring holds its convention every September and is the highlight of the year for many magicians. With lectures from around the globe, competitions and workshops it is a great way for magicians to meet each other and to learn.

Traditionally the convention takes place in a seaside city but in 2013 it will be in held in Buxton. Already many magicians have been booked and it promises to be a special occasion.


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