Lecturing for the Northampton Magicians

tj shoesmith lecturing in northampton
TJ Shoesmith Lecturer

Although I work regularly as a Northampton Magician I have never lectured for their thriving magic society.

I have never considered myself to be a magician’s magician! These are performers who particularly appeal to the magic fraternity and often travel the world lecturing and selling their wares. I tend to work in what I would call the real world and don’t tend to mix a great deal with magicians.

Since the children, I don’t attend conventions as much as I used to so it is always nice to meet up when I am asked.

Northampton proved to be a great experience with many magicians stopping to talk afterwards. I tend to lecture on close up magic and cabaret magic as well as talking about performance skills.

Due to the fact that I lecture so rarely, it is not what one would call slick but I think the content is relevant.

I got this lovely letter from their secretary.

“Thank you on behalf of the club for getting our New Year off to such an excellent start on Tuesday with your really superb lecture.

I know that everybody really enjoyed your fascinating and very professional slant on entertaining the general public. I would guarantee that every member took something away from the evening that they could use!”

I hope all the Northamptonshire Magicians felt the same.

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