The Edinburgh Fringe and its Magic Shows

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The variety of shows in the capital is truly amazing and includes many a magician Scotland can admire.

While watching Phill Jupitus at the very excellent Free Fringe I was reminded by him that the average audience number for one of the 3,000 plus shows at the event is six! Given that nearly every show I saw was pretty full, if not sold out, it just shows how some companies struggle amongst the fierce competition.

Comedy has for many years ruled the fringe although there has been a slight drop in sales in the last few years compared to other areas. Comedy Magic seems to be holding strong.

Although I didn’t see Pete Firman, his show has already had some praise and Jerry Sadowitz will also appear later in the fringe. Jerry is a Magician Scotland embraces each year if only for a short run. This year if you don’t have tickets for the seven performances that have been arranged then you won’t see him.

Alan Hudson is here for the second year running with a show based on Super Hero’s, very original and funny as well as fooling. Young and Strange a duo who have visited the fringe over the last few years are back with a show mixing old and new material.

Also on the Free Fringe is John Henry Blackwood with a show entitled Pick a Card Any Card (No not that one). It is a gentle show with storytelling and table magic, which contrasts the other bigger magic shows. His show centres around cards with some other magic thrown in and a comedy ending which the audience very much enjoyed.

These are just the shows that I saw with many other regular performers appearing. It seems that every Magician Scotland sees come to the festival engineers a return.

Devious Minds Magic and Mind Reading Show did visit Scotland for the festival in 2011 and enjoyed a successful run.

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Quote from Devious Minds

The Close up magician is not in abundance but Cabaret Magicians are growing in number and success. If the average audience comprises of six people then magic appears as popular as ever.

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