Farnham Magician Tj Shoesmith at Hankley Golf Club Dinner in Surrey

golf club close up magic
Hankley Golf Club

This week I performed as a Farnham Magician down in Surrey. Last time I was here I played Anthony Blunt in a production of A Question of Attribution. This time I was here for a golf dinner.

“Thank you so much for our lovely evening. We all enjoyed it enormously.” Fay Hankley Golf Club

I have played precious little golf over the years. A short period while at drama school but since then I haven’t found the time. What with my career as a magician and three children, I always found it hard to find the time.

However, I have performed at many golf club dinners up and down the country over the year. So when I was invited to perform at Hankley Common Golf Club, ladies dinner, I was honoured. The first nine holes of this club was opened in 1897, and it was later developed into the full 18 holes it is now.

This Golf Club has undergone a great deal of work over the last few years its ranking has steadily increased since. The picture of the cabinet below shows the course was ranked as one of the top fifty in the country in 2010. This year it has risen to 34 at this rate it will be in the top ten by 2030.

golf club trophies
Hankley Golf Club Trophies

The clubhouse is full of photographs and memorabilia, and the changing rooms are perfect in every way.

The room was tightly packed, and the moral was very high. I was looked after so well by the staff and my host Fay. I performed close up table magic across the ten or so tables in the room. It was certainly an ideal venue for magic and comedy.

I have performed as a Surrey Magician at many local venues including Thorpe Park, Epsom Race Course and Queenwood Golf Club. As an award-winning magician, I can add fun, laughter and amazement to your event.

If you are looking for great entertainment for your next event in, why not book a Farnham Magician.

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