Professional Magician Tj Shoesmith at The Hyatt Hotel, Birmingham

working with ankush as a birmingham magician
Ankush Jain

I often perform close-up magic and cabaret as a professional magician in Birmingham. However, this was a little different.

I was contacted by Ankush Jain, a few months ago, regarding a set of lectures he was giving in Birmingham. This particular programme is called, “The Powerful Men’s Group” (he also runs one for women). Ankush teaches a small group over a number of days and goes into great depth with each participant.

The four-day programme takes place at The Hyatt Regency Hotel in Birmingham, so Ankush was looking for some “meaningful” entertainment for one of the evening gatherings.

Ankush is a life coach, consultant and mentor and is influenced by the speaker and author Michael Neill. I was asked to tailor a show to introduce and complement their themes in his teaching.

This proved to be a most inspiring project, and I really enjoyed doing the research and putting it together. I was most struck by the powerful positivity in the room. It is rare that you meet such a cohesive group, this made it both fun and rewarding.

I also found it interesting how well magic worked with the themes which both Ankush and Michael promote. The idea that the world is governed by how we choose to perceive it is proved by many a magic trick.

From the outset, Ankush made it clear that I didn’t have to agree with him or Michael. In fact, the disagreements might fuel debate.

However, having done some reading and watched an excellent TedxBend lecture by Michael, I found myself embracing the simple philosophy. It is not my place to go into detail, but I found my view of the world changed during the experience and indeed for the better.

I was worried that I didn’t have material or ideas to cover the time allotted but we finished late and questions continued well after we were supposed to leave.

I have worked as a professional magician for the last fifteen years. This was one of the most unusual and thought-provoking performances I have given.

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