3 Key Times to Perform Magic at a Wedding

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Wedding Magic

I have performed professional wedding magic for over ten years and when it comes to your wedding day, entertainment should be high on your list. Have you thought about hiring a magician? Good interactive Magic will keep your wedding guests entertained during your special day.

A family occasion is a perfect environment for wedding magic! There are so many different ways in which a magician can entertain guests and leave them with memories they will treasure for years to come.

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for providing the wedding magic which made our day so special”

1. Wedding Magic at the Reception

During your reception a magician can mingle with your friends, performing for small groups before the wedding breakfast. This works as a nice ice breaker as people get to know each other after the ceremony.

“I can honestly say that you made our Kelly’s & her John’s wedding day absolutely perfect!”

2. Wedding Magic at the Breakfast

Because the guests are seated during the meal everyone can see the performance and as people don’t tend to move around during the main meal so wedding magic can have the greatest impact on your guests.

Wedding Magic really is interactive fun for all family occasion

Wedding magic appeals to young and old and although the close-up magic is not a children’s show they will still be included in the fun. There are many ways in which you can involve even quite small children so their day is special too.

3. Wedding magic at the evening reception

This is another possibility as those extra guests arrive in the evening wedding magic can work to get things going and make your guests relax. Mix and mingle magic will set the tone for the evening.

Tj Shoesmith is a wedding magician who has won a number of awards and is a member of the Inner Magic Circle and their Close Up Magician Champion 2013.

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