Hertfordshire Magicians take on Desert Island Disks Tricks

jack delvin with terry seabrooke
Jack Delvin

This week I attended a meeting at the Watford Association of Magicians, my local magic club in Hertfordshire. The evening was entitled “Desert Island Tricks”; the basic premise is similar to Desert Island Disks.

The magician is asked which tricks he would take with him, were he to be marooned. There was a certain irony, given that several members were absent due to the volcanic dust hovering above, although as far as Iā€™m aware none were actually stranded on a small island.

I have to say neither records nor tricks would be on my mind if I was to find myself in such unfortunate circumstances but it provides the forum for a relaxed anecdotal evening.

On this occasion Terry Seabrooke interviewed Jack Delvin the president of The Magic Circle.

Jack is very relaxed and with over sixty years of professional experience had some great stories to tell.

His tricks included the linking rings and sympathetic silks, two classics of magic. It was great to see these two veterans of magic sparking each other off. They have been great friends in magic for decades and know everyone and have seen everything.

This post appeared on my blog in 2010. Since that time Terry has died. In a few weeks time we go back to the Magic Circle with a show in his honour. I hope we do him proud. He was responsible for my early trips to the Magic Castle and was president when I first joined WAM the Hertfordshire magicians club.

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