The Magic Castle 24th to 30th March 2014

Here I am back at the Magic Castle for the 10th time I think. As always the hospitality is amazing, the food is wonderful and the company is excellent. I am working the late close-up magic room on the ground floor of the Castle. This is a new experience for me, my last show is at 12.30pm which may seem late by British standards but works just fine in LA particularly at the end of the week.

There is a very strong line up this week and a very sociable one.

Paul Draper recently lectured at the Magic Circle in London. Based in Las Vegas he performs very witty mentalism and gets a lot out of very little. A five-way prediction and a blindfold act fill up his twenty-minute set. The opening to his late Parlour show is both effective and brave. It consists of two minutes of straight humour about himself and his profession. This settles his audience and sets up for the effects that will follow.

I knew very little of Christian Cagigal, who proceeds me in the Close-Up Gallery. His set consists of several stories around a theme. The classic effects are heavily disguised by the patter and the presentation. He really draws the audience in and goes beyond the magic. Touching on subjects not normally featured in a close-up magic show.

Sebastian Walton is performing early Parlour. He is also a UK Magician and relatively new to this game. However, this does not show. He is instantly liked by the American audience and uses his youth well to frame some strong effects. His laugh rate is also high and it was clear that he had both entertained and baffled the crowd.

The Palace Show usually comprises of two or three acts plus a compare. On this occasion, it features a double act. Erix Logan with Sara. There are big illusions in this show plus a comedy card stab in the middle. Sara also shows off her excellent voice creating a very fitting finally.

Also playing this week are Woody Aragon doing the early close up and Terry Lunceford in the bar at the weekend. Bill Chot and Dave Cox are in the Peller Theatre with an outstanding improvisational show.

The weather is mild and as I start late the days are long. With three small kids at home, I have found the week to be very peaceful.

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