What to look for when hiring a magician for your event

TJ Shoesmith

If you hire a magician you must consider several things. It can be a little daunting when there are so many to choose from and the price varies so much. Here a few things which you should consider when looking at the possibilities.

The magicians CV

Most magicians will have worked for high profile companies. Logos of blue chip companies will probably be displayed on the website pages. Certainly this shows some credibility. However you really want to hire a magician who gets re-booked.

Look to see if there is any indication that performers have used them a second time. If a performer has been employed a number of times, I’m sure the magician will emphasise it.

The Pictures

Hire a magician with good pictures of them at work. Do you see lots of smiling faces? Good magicians are aware that it is not the magic that sells but the impression it has on your guests.

Don’t hire a magician with a website full of pictures of themselves. In these cases you are most likely looking at a performer who is self obsessed. Magicians with action shots showing the effect of their performance on an audience are more likely to be professionally aware.

Do you hire a Magician with Awards?

Most magicians have won an award at some point in their career. Many have achieved success with high profile awards and make the most of them on their websites. I too have won a number but I don’t think they automatically prove a high level of excellence.

Magic competitions are rather subjective! Often magicians perform tricks which entertain or fool magicians but are not particularly entertaining for the public. Although a string of awards may show a level of dedication it may not necessarily transfer into entertainment. When you hire a magician based on their awards alone you may end up disappointed.


You need to look at their video before you hire a magician. This I think is very important. Any good magician will cut the video to make the performance look as good as possible. However a lot can be gleaned from a show reel. How do the guests appear during the performance? Can you imagine the magician fitting into your event of party?

Talking on the phone

If you hire a magician then I would always advise you to pick up the phone. Make sure you get along. It is very easy to use the convenience of email but a good chat will tell you a lot.


Light entertainment is very subjective. Many house hold names, in the industry, only appeal to small sections of the population. So hire a magician you think will suit your style. Try to learn as much as you can about the performers you are considering and try and imagine them attending your event.

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