TJ Shoesmith and his TV Consultation Work

TJ Shoesmith has worked as a TV magician on a number of occasions. He has also worked with theatre directors on productions which include magic. His work as a TV magician includes instructing actors for both BBC and C4. His theatre credits include a production of Merlin at the Manchester Library Theatre

Being Human for the BBC

This TV hit show returned to our screens in 2009. It is a quirky series about a flat-share which sounds ordinary until you realise that the flatmates comprise of a vampire a werewolf and a ghost.

TJ had already met Toby Whithouse the writer while working on another production. Toby suggested that Tim should teach Guy Flanagan a few simple tricks for the pilot. Guy was a quick learner and although Tim wasn´t there for the shoot in Bristol we hear it all went well. The show is now back on TV for a full series.

Ordinary People

Martin Freeman, best known for his role as Tim in The Office, made a one off half hour comedy show for Channel 4 called Ordinary People. He played a magician who in his younger years had been well known but due to an unlucky incident had been dropped by his agent. The performance still required Martin to be able to perform some strong magic and TJ worked as a TV magician consultant to help him.

Martin turned out to be a really likeable actor and very responsive, TJ considers it a highlight of his career.

Martin Freedman

“Martin has since gone on to star in films like the Hobbit so it was wonderful to meet him and work with him on such a personal level.”Tj

Contacting TJ Shoesmith

If you are considering putting magic into a TV or Theatre production and need a TV magician then do call us. TJ is always happy to advice.