TJ Shoesmith at the Magic Castle Hollywood

A few hundred yards from the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood lies the Magic Castle. With three formal arenas, a bar and several smaller stages. So, you can see magic everywhere.

The close up room boasts two international performers a night, as does the Parlour. The Main Stage does two to three shows each evening, seven days a week.

tj shoesmith at the magic castle
I made it! My first trip to the Magic Castle

My First Performance at the Magic Castle

I first performed at the Magic Castle in 2003. A great friend Terry Seabrooke managed to get me a spot in the Close Up Room. Magic was relatively new to me at the time. I had only turned professional two years before. However, I had come second in the Magic Circle Close Up Competition that year, which seemed to impress the board at the Castle.

It turned out to be a great week. I even managed to impress the Magic Club members who attend on a Thursday lunch time, traditionally a tough crowd.

The management told me that my style would suite the bar. This raucous arena turned out to suite me very well. The following year I returned to perform again.

In 2005 The Magic Circle celebrated its Centenary. Terry asked to represent the Magic Circle at The Magic Castle. So back I went with a group of friends. My wife was working in Long Beach then, so everything was perfect.

In the years that followed, I performed in the Close Up Room and Parlour ten times and have loved every stay.

It is a very special place, which a great deal of magic memorabilia. It even houses the pool table which featured in a WC Fields film.

Although it is a members club, if you find yourself in LA it is worth giving them a call. The food is also excellent and the service divine.

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Tj performs all around the world and at the world-famous Castle. You can contact him now on our bookings page.