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Tj has performed as a wedding magician at numerous weddings in London and throughout the UK. As a full-time professional Award Winning magician. His tricks will astound both young and old. Everyone gets a chance to participate in the magic and feel part of the fun. This really is family entertainment at it’s best and works perfectly in a wedding situation, as everyone is happy and willing to join in.

Performing magic at a wedding can be such bliss. There is something about these gatherings of family and friends which brings out the very best in a performer. There are several opportunities to involve a magician through your most magical day.

tj shoesmith wedding magician performs money trick
Close Up Magic at a Table

We were so impressed with what you did for us, for me, it was one of many highlights on the day. Watching you take off my nephew Liam’s tie without him noticing was just great. We had a great day, and will always remember how you helped to make it so special.

Mark (Groom) Venue South Gardens

Reception Magician

After the ceremony it is quite common for the bride and groom to arrange a reception before the wedding breakfast. This can be an ideal time for a magician to move amongst your guests and enthral them with close up magic.

However, be warned, asking your magician to perform while formal photographs are being taken can be both distracting for the photographer and magician. It is best to keep these separate unless you are planning to take immediate family off to anther location leaving your other guests to enjoy the reception.

Wedding Magician at the Breakfast

This is an ideal time to invite a close up magician to perform. Moving from table to table the whole room will know that there is an entertainer in the room and the anticipation can be nearly as exciting as the magic itself.

It may seem strange to perform magic when people are eating, but this can be the ideal time for a wedding magician to work. Everyone is seated so they can see and the performer knows which tables he has visited so he won’t miss anyone out, making sure that everyone sees the magic.

Evening Reception Wedding Magician

Many couples will invite further friends to join them for an evening event. Usually this is informal and an ideal time for close up or table magic, possibly even a short cabaret. It is a time where people let there hair down and the fun really starts.

We thought you were amazing at our wedding, as did our guests. My mum doesn’t usually like ‘card tricks’ but she loved yours! We both still want to know how you made those cards move on the table!!!

Sam & Guy (Bride & Groom) Venue Skinners Hall
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