Comedy Pickpocket TJ Shoesmith

The Act

TJ’s theatrical pickpocket comedy magic act has travelled the country. So, this act proves very popular amongst guests and friends at corporate events and private parties.

A Theatrical Pickpocket invites members of your audience onto the stage. Then he removes watches, wallets and other items from their pockets without their knowledge. This is fun for those watching and those participating and is the highlight of any evening.

Tj has worked as a comedy magician, stand-up comic and pickpocket throughout the country and abroad and is guaranteed to leave your guests laughing and amazed.

Theatrical Pickpocket at the Majestic Stadium Reading

I was asked to perform at the legendary Majestic stadium’s hospitality suite some years ago. The pickpocket act was relatively new. I was joined on stage by a wonderful gentleman who took the whole experience very well. The performance always sticks in my mind, and I have used it as a benchmark to enjoy further success.

Theatrical or Comedy Pickpocketing is something which always gets the audience going. It is because there is something instinctively funny about watching your friends and family fooled in this way. Also, the person on stage gets a chance to steal the show and who can resist that?

Over many performances, particularly at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, I was able to perfect the routines. Consequently, it has become my favourite act, and I enjoy wheeling it out when asked. There are times when I can incorporate it in close up magic or in a stage show. So, if I get the chance, I will take it.

How did you steel my dads watch

Dom Jolly (TV Personality)
tj shoesmith magician steals a watch
Tj Stealing a Watch On Stage

“Thank you so much for attending our Event last Thursday and entertaining our guests – you truly were magic.”

Karen (SKSi)

Tj has performed his pickpocket routine all over the country, in the US and Europe and on cruise ships. He is available for events large and small and

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