Award Winning Close Up Magician for Hire

Tj has performed as a close up magician at thousands of events in many environments and can adapt his performance to meet the needs of your guests. Good close up magic is both entertaining and baffling and will leave you laughing and scratching your head at the same time.

The Power of a Close Up Magician

This type of magic is usually performed under the guests noses. In fact, it is often performed in their own hands. It becomes very powerful when witnessed live and creates a novel and entertaining experience.

Table Magic

Performing at tables during a meal is very popular. To some organisers, this sounds counterintuitive, “people are eating”, they cry, “we can’t have a close up magician!” However, for over half the meal, guests are waiting. The food needs to be rolled out, and there are inevitable delays.

Having a close up magician working the crowd can be a real asset. Typically a good magician can visit anything up to fifteen tables during the average meal, leaving them hungry for more.

Working a Crowd

If you have an informal event with guests but there is no seating plan and guest move around meeting others and making friends, your magician can mingle with your friends and family entertaining as they go.

tj shoesmith close up magician performs money trick
Close Up Magic at a Table

Why Book A Close Up Magician

I think in the past year or so we have all realised how important friendship and family is.

Joni Mitchell so elegantly put it in what must be the most surreal song title ever, “Big Yellow Taxi”, you “don’t know what you’ve got till its gone”

As we start to come together, entertainment, fun and laughter become so important and magic can bring your family and guests that wonder and surprise that has been missing for so long.

TJ Shoesmith

Wedding Magic

A potential worry for brides and grooms is entertainment. A wedding magician can add a great deal to this special day. Magic is so adaptable that it can fit in at about any time during the day or even during the evening reception.

Corporate Events, Private parties and business events can all be enhanced by close up magic. These shows can often finish with a quick cabaret—an excellent way to end the event.


Tj has performed close up magic all over the world. From top cruise lines to the Magic Castle in Hollywood and Monday Night magic in New York. He regularly performs for the Magic Circle in London and has toured his family magic show Devious Minds up and down the country.

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Close Up Magician For Hire

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