London Stage Magician back at the Magic Circle

London stage magician with wallets

It was fabulous to be back at the Magic Circle performing as a London stage magician on the main stage. This was one of those evenings which are affectionately called the “At Homes”. I’m not quite sure from where the term sprung. However, it consists of an evening of magic and comedy performed around the Circle building. This culminates in a stage performance of which I was one.

The pickpocket act

I was performing at the Magic Circle as a London stage magician after some three or four years away. Firstly, I was also performing the Pickpocket act, of which I am very proud. Secondly, the theatre is perfect for this type of performance. Thirdly, it is always great to get the act in front of such an appreciative crowd.

In the last six months, I have been asked to perform this particular act on many occasions. Consequently, I have launched a website dedicated to the art. Having taken considerable influence from many past giants of this allied art who also made a living out of this type of entertainment, I think I have come up with an act that stands up in the modern era of fast visual comedy.

On this occasion, I managed to steal, phones, notebooks, pens, wallets and even ties.

The Magic Circle is the premier magic venue in the United Kingdom. and possibly beyond. It’s purpose-built for cabaret and close up magicians. Opened in the late 1990s, it has been the home of Magic for nearly twenty years.

London stage magician at the Circle

The society chose me to represent the Circle during its centenary celebrations. When I appeared at the Magic Castle in Hollywood in 2005. The team was curated by the late Terry Seabrooke, a dear friend that lived just over a mile from my own home.

The Magic Circle will always be a special place for me, and I hope to continue working there in the years to come.

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