Covent Garden Magician working at the Nags Head

Covent Garden Magician looks out the window

After 20 years of performing magic, I found myself working as a Covent Garden Magician. The venue was a unique establishment called the Nags Head not far from the underground station.

I was booked by a well-established London company, that wanted both close up magic and cabaret. This can be tricky but all seemed to go well. As the guests all worked together they felt comfortable in each other’s company. This always makes things easier. However, it can make them less inhibited, leading to a more rowdy crowd. This group was vocal but respectful. So, it turned out to be a great night.

This was a nostalgic event. I spent many a teenage day in this very spot watching magicians and jugglers work the street. One of the hardest jobs to do, building a crowd needs real science and takes a great deal of practice and many lonely performances.

I was not on the street, however. This area of work has never appealed. I have watched many a magician with ore as he or she works a crowd that can walk away without a moment’s notice. Back in my university days when money was a little tight, it was a great place to come and watch top entertainment on a budget.

The History

This establishment is part of nearly two hundred years of heritage. Peter McMullen, founded the venue back in the 1800s. It has continuously brewed bear in Hertford ever since. The company has continued to purchase public houses ever since. Although the company is based in Hertfordshire, it has acquired the central London location to complement its portfolio.

Covent Garden Magician

This was a lovely late Christmas Party for a very trendy London Company right in one of the street entertainment capitals of the world, Covent Garden. If you are looking for a London magician then go get in touch through our booking page.