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Devious Minds comedy cabaret is not just another magic show! It’s a journey by two established members of The Magic Circle, with little in common other than wanting to do a show without compromise…

tj shoesmith magician on stage with devious minds
Devious Minds

This was the initial concept for the show. I performed 30 to 40 minutes of comedy cabaret magic in the first half and Dean performed a mentalist show in the second half.

“Shoesmith is a fine slight of hand magician with more than enough charisma for a whole show.”

Edinburgh Festival

We have travelled the country performing this show and making it available for hire at all formal occasions. So, we have worked as cabaret magicians in Cornwall, Cambridgeshire, Oxfordshire, Cumbria, Northumberland and Scotland. Receiving great feedback on all tours. Hence, we took it to Edinburgh. There we gained excellent reviews including four stars from Fringe Review.

Performing close up magic around tables is really a delight as you can come in so close and still fool people. The joy of performing cabaret magic is that you have fun with a whole room or auditorium at the same time. So, they are on your side from the start, the trick is not to disappoint them.

Touring Devious Minds around the counties is such fun, we see great places and meet wonderful people. The audiences are always warm and appreciate magic. I was amazed at how welcoming they were on our first tour.

If you would like to book a varied and interesting evening of magic then please do get in touch. We can create programs short and long. Designed for small audiences or large.

Devious Minds Quotes

Shoesmith hits you with wit and sleight of hand. If you’re not laughing, you’re asking how?

Maudsley tells you it’s a con from the start but by the end, you’ll believe he reads minds. He will change the way you look at a soft drink forever….

Edinburgh Festival

I have to say the quality of the show was far beyond anything I’d expected to see in a small rural community and we all had a great night’s entertainment. I’ve lost count of the number of people who’ve contacted me to tell me how much they enjoyed it.

Great Rollright, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire

The show works well in small family communities. It is also ideal for more formal occasions. The show can be tailored to your needs, so feel free to discuss your requirements with us.

Devious Minds is ideal for corporate events as well as private parties. Comedy magic combined with cutting edge mind reading.

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