Choosing a Corporate Magician

celebrities at an event with a corporate magician

It is hard when choosing a corporate magician! Indeed, it is hard to put together the right package of entertainment for any event. I have seen some great entertainment at corporate events!

Having attended a lot of corporate events working as a professional close up magician, I am amazed at the quality of entertainment. Some of the world’s most successful professionals appear in the corporate market. So, how do you go about choosing a corporate magician for your event? What will be the correct entertainment for corporate events in your niche?

I often work the tables during a banquet. This is a standard form of entertainment at corporate events, which proves very popular. At the larger affairs, magicians often perform between courses or at the end of the meal.

Examples of good Entertainment

I once saw a member of Cirque Du Soleil flown over from the states for a ten-minute spot during an expensive banquet. Top charting bands also provide amazing entertainment for corporate events.

While working I have watched some of Britain’s top comedians perform after the meal with varying amounts of success. The larger corporate events with thirty plus tables can be difficult to negotiate particularly if you go on late in the evening.

To provide memorable entertainment the artist does have to have some form of instant recognition. Audiences at large events have a limited attention span. This means you need a hook. This does not have to be celebrity status, although that helps. It can be recognition in the relevant Industry.

Entertainment at Grosvenor House

The Great Room, Grosvenor House, London, is home to one of the greatest corporate event venues. I have worked many events at this hotel. One such event was an award ceremony for the food and drinks industry. A celebrity chef, hosted the first half of the evening. Holding the attention of the guests and commanding great respect.

the great room London the mother of all corporate event venues
The Great Room – Grosvenor House

As the night went on and the award ceremony grew nearer guest became more dispersed. I had finished work so I stood on the balcony waiting. I wondered who they had chosen to headline at this expensive and high profile corporate event. It turned out to be a comedian, reasonably well known to me. In fact, I had met him a couple of times. However, no one was unlikely to have recognised him.

The comedian started his thirty minute set. However, it did not hold the audiences attention well. There were a number of factors but most importantly he seemed out of place. The material had no real relevance and was not suited to the room. Coupled with the fact that it was late and the audience was tired.

After fifteen minutes he cut to the chase and the awards began, at which point things improved and the night ended well.

What to consider when Choosing a Corporate Magician

Choosing a corporate magician or other performer remember they must be relevant or the artist should be well known. For smaller events the performer just needs to be good, such artists are hard to find and need careful thought.

The question is quite a simple one. Who would your delegates like to see? The performer should inspire your guests. Think about who would they be inspired by? Who could relate to them? If you can answer these questions you should be well on the way to putting together an entertaining evening.

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