Isle of Man Magician at the Villa Marina

This week I worked as an Isle of Man Magician. A place I hadn’t visited for some time.

I flew back to the island by taking a short flight from Gatwick. This is one of the few airports that service the island from London. So, having arrived at the airport, I took a short taxi to the centre of Douglas. I was dropped off at the hotel where I was staying. So from my home to the venue was just a few hours.

I arrived late afternoon, so this was a quick turnaround. However, I managed a short walk along the seafront and a coffee in one of the local shops. The landscape is quite remarkable; fossils can be seen in areas of Compton Bay which date back to the Dinosaurs. Indeed, on the western point, a 19th Century lighthouse warns ships away from three white chalk rocks known as the needles.

I was performing as an Isle of Man Magician at the Villa Marina just off the beach. This is a large venue where many top musicians and comedians have worked. Pictures of stars past and present line the hallways. It has a capacity of one and a half thousand. However, today the numbers were much smaller.

Isle of Man Magician performs for Barclays Bank

This was a corporate event for Barclay’s Bank. They are very influential on the island, and many of their top clients were present.

Members of the company gave speeches throughout the evening. The staff laid out the room well, and the acoustics were good. The keynote speaker was Malissa Morris, the CEO of Lantum, a GP recruitment service. She spoke so eloquently and apparently without notes it was a joy to watch.

I performed close up magic from table to table and found the guests to be very approachable. At these corporate events, it is a mixture of work and play, but it was clear they had the balance right.

I am always happy to fly back, so if you are looking for an Isle of Man magician for an island event, do call me.

TJ Shoesmith is available throughout the UK to make an enquiry please go to his booking page.

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