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TJ Shoesmith Somerset Magician is available throughout the county.

Close Up Magician

Tj is a Full-Time Professional Magician covering the Somerset Area. He is an Award Winning Magician for Private and Corporate Events performing close up magic and cabaret.

He regularly works in the area as both a wedding and close up magician. With appearances at Weston Super Mare Winter Gardens at the Bristol Day of Magic and Riverside in Salford. Other venues in the county include The Tythe Bar in Bath. Also, The Quail Room near Pensford and Babington House near Frome.

Somerset Magician on the Comedy Circuit

He has also performed at countless comedy nights in Somerset as a Comedy Magician.

For many years I toured with Mirth Control. A comedy promotor who organised gigs up and down the country. Often in rooms above pubs and restaurants. Sometimes, the show would happen right there in the bar.

Obviously there were good days and bad days. However, it was a great place for a Somerset Magician to practice his magic and comedy. However, the drives could be exceptionally long. Indeed, I would often arrive home in the early hours of the morning. In fact it was a long day for those fifteen minutes on stage. However, stage time pays off in the long run.

These include The Rose and Crown Trowbridge, Victoria Pub and Kitchen in Bath. As well as and the Castle Hotel, Taunton, as a cabaret magician.

Bath Magicians

I spent a great deal of time at the Magic Club in Bath. A lovely city not far from Bristol, where there day of magic was held each year. I lectured for the club and performed at one of there social gathering.

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