Reading Magician Pickpockets Staff at Christmas Party

tj shoesmith pickpocket magician on stage in Reading

My first job of Christmas 2018 was working as a Reading Magician at the famous Majestic Stadium on the outskirts of the city. The event company approached me and asked to provide a 15-minute comedy pickpocket act for a party of 500.

I’ve been performing the pickpocket act for nearly ten years now. So, it was good to get some more footage of it in full flight. The routine was surprisingly difficult to create, and it was some time before I felt I had mastery of it.

This footage was shot at the Majestic Stadium in Reading, at the PRA Health Services Christmas party. This was not technically an easy job. The audience was not seated and not expecting me to perform. We compensated for this by starting with some loud music and strong voice-overs and a fast-paced performance. I felt I had to work hard, but the audience was with me and seemed to enjoy it.

PRA emailed this morning to say they had a brilliant evening and loved your performance.

Event Organiser

Anyway here it is.

Reading Magician filmed during Pickpocket Act

Ten years ago we were touring Devious Minds around the country, and it gave me a chance to really put some stage time into it. We are out on the road again next year, with performances in Cambridgeshire, but recently I have had to practice during corporate cabarets.

I am excited about the way it has developed. Seven years ago I started taking ties while at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. (Ties are a compulsory part of the dress code at the Hollywood members club, which helps.

I’ve been performing the pickpocket act a lot this Christmas. We haven’t toured for a while, which was where I got the stage time to get it really moving. However, I do perform it regularly when asked to do cabaret. It was great to give it a run in Berkshire. I am available throughout the county, here is post about another performance in the region at Temple Golf Club.

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