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Wadebridge Magician on stage

On the 20th of October 2012, Tj Shoesmith a Wadebridge Magician performed Devious Minds at the Town Hall in Wadebridge Cornwall. The show comprises both close up magic and cabaret magic and was well received.

Review of Devious Minds

This review was written by Alan Jones who runs local events and blogs about the performing arts as well as being a cabaret magician himself.

Tim Shoesmith presents some of the classic routines of magic, which included a rope routine that was playful, magical and engaging; a version of ‘the electric chairs’ masterfully handled along with a borrowed note routine and pickpocket sequence which brought his section of the show to a close.

Audience participation was gently encouraged, a “mind reading” routine which Tim included was fun enough to suggest the mentalism which was to follow in the second half, but did not detract from it nor was it a simple filler since it had a charm and delight all of its own.

I really enjoyed Tim’s stage presence. He was friendly and extremely likeable. Within the first few minutes of his act, he managed to capture and hold the audience and gain one of the most precious things a performer can be given – their trust. By the end of his act, I had the feeling that the audience would trust this guy totally and completely.

I’m not sure if the subtle underplay was a deliberate thing or just seemed that way to me – but it took me back to some of those great routines performed with young people by today’s magicians like Lance Burton and David Copperfield who ‘interpreted’ what I know as Devant’s ‘egg trick’. It, for me, is that category of gentle fun and perhaps could be a bigger feature in Tim’s act and in its quality is a hallmark of the playfulness which permeated his show.

Booking a Wadebridge Magician

Tj Shoesmith is an award winning magician and member of The Inner Magic Circle. He has worked all over the world including the Magic Castle in Hollywood.

To book TJ Shoesmith Wadebridge Magician contact him via the booking page., indeed he is available for both close up and cabaret magic.