Isle of Wight Close Up Magician

isle of wight close up magician at the priory hotel

I have made several trips across part of the English Channel to work as an Isle of Wight Close Up Magician.

The first time I visited the island, I was not as a UK magician but while touring with a theatre company many years ago. I worked in a weekly rep for some years as an actor travelling the country; this island was on the itinerary.

I am always surprised at how close to the island’s mainland the Isle of Wight is. A short hovercraft trip of a little over ten minutes is all that separates Southsea from the town of Ryde.

Helicopter lands on the Isle of Wight before magician performs
Isle of Wight

This time I was performing close-up magic at The Priory Bay Hotel, which is a fifteen-minute taxi drive from the shore. This is a luxury hotel, and while I was there, several helicopters arrived and left as the rich and famous dropped in for lunch. The photograph above shows one craft taking off from the landing pad. This was a maximum of a hundred yards from the room I was performing in.

The grounds are delightful, and the staff were most helpful. It was a pleasure to perform there. The group was small, with less than thirty people, giving the event a very intimate feel. By the time I finished, everyone was watching, and it had a friendly cabaret magic feel.

Testimonial for Isle of Wight Close Up Magician

“Just to say thank you for coming to the Isle of Wight on Saturday to entertain my guests, we all enjoyed the magic very much!”

The Host

The trip home was equally as easy. It may seem impracticable as a day trip, but it works well. I still enjoy travelling and am always happy to return to the islands that surround England. If you are looking for an Isle of Wight Magician, then give us a call. You can also email us from the booking page or call us on the number above.