London City Magician TJ Shoesmith for Café Connections

london city magician with hot cup bob

I was engaged by Café Connections to work as a London City magician performing at their open day in the London. They are a company based in Iver so as a promotional exercise they took over the Dutch Hall, near Moorgate, for an afternoon.

The best #closeup #magician any of us have ever seen!! @timshoesmith is more than amazing!! #magic at its finest!! #magicalthursdays

Cafe Connections @CafeCLtd May 18th 2017

Café Connections is a disposable food packaging company which has won many awards. It provides top quality merchandise for the food to go sector. Boasting well over 2,000 product lines and reliable next day delivery it is a force to be reckoned with.

It is a family run business which opened in 2002 and has gone from strength to strength. I was amazed at the range of products which were on display.

The venue was the Dutch Hall, located in the city of London, It dates back to 1954 as the original church was damaged during the war. Sunday morning service is held in Dutch and tours are available.

It has quite a history. In 1550 King Edward VI granted hospitality to a group of refugees who were prosecuted for their faith. That building was Austin Friars.

I spent the afternoon performing close up magic for staff and clients. Several tricks were recorded on mobile phones and the company were kind enough to let me have a few.

Here is a video of the very first close up magic trick I bought. Back in the day it was a little blackboard and a piece of chalk. Now it is white board with a marker. Magic may be catching up.

The staff were incredibly kind and enthusiastic, which made the job so easy.

Magic can be combined with different props and giveaways to create a unique experience for potential customers. Café Connections had created their very own Hot Cup Bob for the event. Pictured below. Bob could find cards and appear in unusual places all by the power of magic and sleight of hand.

If you are looking for a London City Magician for close up or cabaret then do contact us via our booking page.