London Comedy Magician at the Court

London Comedy Magician at Drayton Court

Last month I was invited to perform as a London Comedy magician at Conjuring at the Court. Recently I have made a yearly appearance at this beautiful comedy and magic night in Ealing. Mark Jennings is always in attendance and is the best photographer of magic and the allied arts I know. He took the photographs below on the night. He can find expression even in the dullest faces, as you can see.

Mark Jennings Photographer – Conjuring at the Court

Also on the bill was Fay Presto, one of my favourite magicians. I spent time with her at the Frankie’s Restaurant chain when she organised the magicians who performed there and competed against her when she won the Magic Circle Close Up Competition a few years ago.

She was in top form, and the stage time gained by touring The Magicians was evident. The young and talented Justin Monahan opened the second half. He has become very popular at The Magic Circle, with a sharp visual act combining magic and mime.

Mat Ricardo closed the show. Although he is not a magician he fit very well into the show. Performing a number of feats which blur the line between magic and juggling he kept the audience enthralled throughout.

The climax to his act goes well beyond the audience’s expectations and before seeing it I would not have believed it was possible. Matt looks like he began as a street entertainer, he has the energy of an act which knows that he must keep an audience interested at all costs. His personality filled the confines of Drayton Court a number of times over.

It is unusual not to have a London comedy magician finish a show on a magic night but I’m sure the audience didn’t even notice.

London Comedy Magician Reviews

It is always a pleasure to perform at this wonderful London Magic venue. I got a lovely email from Russell, the organiser.

“Thanks again for a brilliant act last night – I loved it and so did the audience. One commented on the raffle ticket “Very funny. Seen Tim 3 times, and still makes me laugh. Thanks again – it was a great act in one of our best ever shows and we look forward to welcoming you back.”

Russell – Booker

One other review

“Tim Shoesmith was a great choice of opener. Looking very smart he started with some remarkable mentalism with a triple prediction which made the audience sit up and wonder!

I was so pleased that he performed his very slick rope routine. The young lady volunteer was flabbergasted as he gently fooled her with his magical talent. I was so sorry when Tim announced his last miracle, a comedy balloon production. I could have watched him for much longer! I don’t say that very often.”

Jean Purdy Zodiac Magic Club Review

If you are looking for a close up or cabaret magician in or around London do contact Tj through the booking page.