Mayfair Magician at the Marylebone Hotel

Mayfair Magician at the Marylebone Hotel

I performed as a Mayfair Magician at the Marylebone hotel for a corporate client at Christmas. This included both close up and cabaret magic. I met the event organiser for the hotel on the day, and we exchanged cards. A few weeks later, I got a call from the hotel inviting me to perform at a launch they were hosting in January.

“Thank you once again for the amazing performance at our launch event.”

Marylebone Hotel Event Organiser

The hotel now has a new space for corporate and private events. So, they organised an evening function to show it off. There were 100 guests from different companies in attendance. The setting was informal, with groups seated and standing. There were several areas, each with its ambience. Some were quiet, others quite rowdy.

The new space is immaculately furnished with a retracting roof in one room for summer events. The staff are incredibly polite and helpful.

Thalia, works for the Doyle Collection, which owns a number of hotels including the Bloomsbury Hotel. She shot a short video which I understand is a boomerang. It is a three-second clip which plays forwards and backwards repeatedly. This is a new trend which I hadn’t come across before.

She captured a few seconds of a card trick I regularly perform. A spectator names a card, and their chosen card flies out of the deck. You can see the video below.

Having lived near London for the last fifteen years I have performed as a Mayfair Magician many times. There is something about coming into the capital late afternoon and walking the streets. Then performing in the evening. There are quick and easy routes out of London late at night and I usually get home earlier than when performing, “out of town”. It is congested but lively and always makes for a fun evening.

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