Restaurant Magician TJ Shoesmith at Fifteen

restaurant magician at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen

On New Year’s Eve, I was employed as a Restaurant Magician at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant in London called Fifteen.

Jamie Oliver is a British celebrity chef, restaurateur, and media personality. Known for his approachable cooking style and advocacy for healthier eating habits, he gained fame with TV shows like “The Naked Chef.” His culinary influence extends globally, and he continues to promote nutritious food education and social change through various initiatives.

His reality TV programme some six or seven years ago inspired me. Young Chef’s work a year’s apprenticeship in this modern establishment, hoping to progress in this competitive industry.

This is a trendy restaurant spread over two floors. With over one hundred and fifty covers, it was quite a night. The guests were very mixed, ranging from couples to quite large families.

The basement is quieter and darker, which created a very different atmosphere from the space at street level. In the intimate basement, it was possible to perform quite sophisticated close-up magic. In the hustle and bustle of the ground floor, it was necessary to work bigger magic more suitable for a stage.

Hiring a magician on this party day makes sense as customers are very enthusiastic, and it can make a big difference to the atmosphere, particularly early in the evening.

I met many friendly people. My favourite was a small child called Charlie who could make things appear as long as you closed your eyes for a short while.

Although I was riding the underground at midnight, I took home many good memories of the evening.

I regularly perform in London as a Restaurant magician, including establishments such as Quo Vadis. I also perform throughout the country (and abroad). If you want to hire me for your Private or Corporate event, please get in touch here.