Woburn Abbey Magician performs in Sculpture Gallery

woburn abbey magician plays tables in sculpture garden

This weekend I worked as a wedding magician at Woburn Abbey Sculpture Gallery for the second time. This is a beautiful venue and ideal for such an important day. Indeed, the staff organised the event perfectly with excellent food and wine.

The Estate

It is situated on over two hundred and fifty acres and housing nearly a hundred varieties of wild animals. Opened over forty years ago, it is available to the public throughout the year. At present, its main objective is the preservation of endangered species. Established by the Duke of Bedford over one hundred years ago, habitat is top of its list. So, even then, conservation was a high priority.

This heritage provides the perfect backdrop for a wedding. Consequently, the Gallery is a private estate area, making it ideal for close up magic and other wedding entertainment. It is a perfect place for that special day. This venue is booked by brides and grooms alike.

Luton Magician performs at the tables

Working through the wedding breakfast I was able to visit the eight tables more than once. Because everyone was very receptive including the children, fun was had by all. One child, in particular, his name was Josh, was delightful. He went from table to table watching tricks again and again. What was remarkable was that he did not give the game away. In fact this is often a feature of those children who wish to see the act a number of times.

I have worked many times as a Bedfordshire Magician, including the Luton Hoo and always appreciate work in the county, which is close to my home.

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The weather was spectacular and the bride and groom looked wonderful. Wedding Magic is one of my favourite types of work. They are real family occasions, so I perform for young and old. This means it is perfect for magic and laughter.

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