Cumbria Comedy Magician back on Tour

Cumbria Comedy Magician at The Old School

I started the next leg of our tour performing as a Cumbria Comedy Magician with Devious Mind. This time we are with Highlights rural touring company. Hence, our first stop is Armathwaite. This town is situated near the banks of the river Eden only a few miles from Penrith. In a few days we go to Maulds Meaburn.

It is a few months since we performed the Comedy Magic and Mentalism show so it was nice to meet up again. These rural tours do, “Add miles to the clock”. One of my favourite theatre directors used to say this to me, when I was performing weekly rep, many years ago.

The Old School was our venue for the evening. This recently renovated school, now serves as a Village Hall.

Thankfully the audience was good and those that took part enjoyed it. Helping with a couple of tricks was my new friend Jamie. Very relaxed and great fun.

Cumbria Comedy Magician on Tour

There are five dates on this particular tour which is always good. The chance to perform certain tricks on successive nights is always a bonus. This was one of the advantages of playing the Magic Castle in Hollywood, where the venue asked you to perform twenty-one or even twenty-eight times in seven days.

I’ve made one change to the set list so I will enjoy putting the new piece into action. It really doesn’t matter how much you rehearse a trick, you only know if it is going to work when you get it in front of an audience. Indeed, all magicians are nervous about trying something new.

Tonight went well and I’m looking forward to developing it over the next four nights. Booking a Cumbria Magician, for your private or corporate event, could not be easier. Call us now using the number at the top of the website, or email us from the booking page.