Awards Magician at Southampton University

Southampton Magician with Eva Awards Logo

For two days last week, I was working as an Awards Magician at the Southampton University’s Excellence in Volunteering Awards (EVA’s). EVA is a charitable body. Students participate in certain activities during the academic year.

Student events can be demanding, and this was no exception, with fifty tables and only myself to cover them I had to work fast. A close up magician can realistically get around fifteen tables at the most during a meal so some were inevitably missed out.

The event was controlled by a talented young comedian Stuart Goldsmith, who I had met at a comedy club a couple of years before. His ability to deal with a large and boisterous crowd was a delight to watch. Award ceremonies can be tricky occasions and every professional knows that they must keep their status throughout.

The two evenings were very different the first was the sporting fraternity. This made for a lively evening particularly as the end drew near. The second night was the musicians. It was an altogether different affair. The type of magic I was performing on the first night differed greatly from the second.

Awards Magician Pictured with Winners

TJ Shoesmith with Guests at Eva Awards in Southampton
Eva Award Winners

It is not that one was better than the other but my performance changed to suit the environment. I thoroughly enjoyed both and always welcome the opportunity to work as an Awards Magician.

A group of history students turned out to be real magic enthusiasts. Above is a picture of this favourite table, a group of history students who made me feel most welcome and had a genuine love of magic. I visited their table three or more times.

Other performances in Hampshire

Tj has performed at the Rose Bowl in Southampton, the Rhinefield Hotel in the New Forest and throughout the area.

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